As anything in life, this is a work in progress.

Rafael Jegundo

My Public Self

15 Jun 2013

Who are you? Who am I? Likely there is a good, sometimes accidental, biography of us around the web. But most times the biographies are more about what we want to be perceived of being, not we really are.

And what are we really? A sum of our values, beliefs & goals. Where we came from and what we do daily (not simply our job). You can met a lot of people online, but you can’t really connect with who they are. Specially if you are an introvert: he didn’t ask, so why tell?

That is what got me in Buster Benson public self. Although limited, it gives a raw view of who he his. And the fun part about making it on github, is that we can see how it changes over time. How each one of us matures and grows.

So I have started one. Worst case, it will give me some laughs in a few years.

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